Prayer, Illness, Death

To request prayer for a member and/or loved ones concerning (but not limited to): illness, request for hospital visitation, death in the family. Members can add their name or their loved ones to our prayer list several ways:
1. Download a prayer request form, complete it, and fax it to the church office
at 972-264-9861.
2. Call the church office. If after hours, call 972-504-8209 and leave a voicemail.
3. Email ยป Pastor of Pastoral Care – Rev. Ellis Ford at

Please note: when contacting the church regarding prayer concerns, be sure to include name, member status, name of ill person, their membership status, relationship, condition, hospital and phone number, contact person and phone number. In case of death, add funeral arrangement information.

If a representative of Pastoral Care has not responded within 24 hours, call the church office at 972-264-1483 or metro 972-263-5955 to verify if prayer request has been received.

ATTENTION: In case of an emergency, please call 1-888-888-SJBC or e-mail to reach the emergency response team.