Discipleship 101 (Matthew 16:24) Dr. Denny D. Davis 3/26/2017 $7 [wp_cart:Discipleship 101:price:7:shipping:1:end] $10[wp_cart:DVD Discipleship 101:price:10:shipping:1:end]
Three Satanic Ifs (Matthew 4:1-11) Dr. Denny D. Davis 3/19/2017 $7 [wp_cart:Three Satanic Ifs:price:7:shipping:1:end] $10[wp_cart:DVD Three Satanic Ifs:price:10:shipping:1:end]
I’m Still Fishing (Luke 5:1-11) Dr. Denny D. Davis 3/12/2017 $7 [wp_cart:I’m Still Fishing:price:7:shipping:1:end] $10[wp_cart:DVD I’m Still Fishing:price:10:shipping:1:end]
You Are Due For A Breakthrough (Micah 2:12-13) Dr. Jeremy Upton 3/5/2017 $7 [wp_cart:You Are Due For A Breakthrough:price:7:shipping:1:end] $10[wp_cart:DVD You Are Due For A Breakthrough:price:10:shipping:1:end]
The Struggle Is Real (2 Kings 4:1-7) Rev. Fawna Jenkins 2/26/2017 $7 [wp_cart:The Struggle Is Real:price:7:shipping:1:end] $10[wp_cart:DVD The Struggle Is Real:price:10:shipping:1:end]
Faith Is The Substance (Hebrews 11:1-4) Dr. John Montgomery, II. 2/19/2017 $7 [wp_cart:Faith Is The Substance:price:7:shipping:1:end] $10[wp_cart:DVD Faith Is The Substance:price:10:shipping:1:end]
Divine Options For Learning To Live Outside The Margins (2 Kings 7:1-4) Dr. Steve Bland, Jr. 2/12/2017 $7 [wp_cart:Divine Options For Learning To Live Outside The Margins:price:7:shipping:1:end] $10[wp_cart:DVD Divine Options For Learning To Live Outside The Margins:price:10:shipping:1:end]
Living On What Is Leftover (2 Kings 4:1-7) Dr. Denny D. Davis 2/5/2017 $7 [wp_cart:Living On What Is Leftover:price:7:shipping:1:end] $10[wp_cart:DVD Living on What Is Leftover:price:10:shipping:1:end]
Not Far From The Kingdom (Mark 2:28-34) Dr. Denny D. Davis 1/29/2017 $7 [wp_cart:Not Far From The Kingdom:price:7:shipping:1:end] $10[wp_cart:DVD Not Far From The Kingdom:price:10:shipping:1:end]
No Limits (Ephesians 3:20-21) Dr. Denny D. Davis 1/22/2017 $7 [wp_cart:No Limits:price:7:shipping:1:end] $10[wp_cart:DVD No Limits:price:10:shipping:1:end]
When They Go Low, We Go High (Matthew 5:38-42) Dr. Denny D. Davis 1/15/2017 $7 [wp_cart:When They Go Low, We Go High:price:7:shipping:1:end] $10[wp_cart:DVD When They Go Low, We Go High:price:10:shipping:1:end]
A Resolution to Resolve (Matthew 21:28-32) Dr. Denny D. Davis 1/8/2017 $7 [wp_cart:A Resolution to Resolve:price:7:shipping:1:end] $10[wp_cart:DVD A Resolution to Resolve:price:10:shipping:1:end]
Greater Is In You (1 John 4:1-7) Dr. Denny D. Davis 1/1/2017 $7 [wp_cart:Greater Is In You:price:7:shipping:1:end] $10[wp_cart:DVD Greater Is In You:price:10:shipping:1:end]
The Praise Factor (Isaiah 61:1-3) Dr. Denny D. Davis 12/18/2016 $7 [wp_cart:The Praise Factor:price:7:shipping:1:end] $10[wp_cart:DVD The Praise Factor:price:10:shipping:1:end]
Trust The Plans of The Lord (Jeremiah 29:4-14) Dr. Denny D. Davis 11/13/2016 $7 [wp_cart:Trust The Plans of The Lord:price:7:shipping:1:end] $10[wp_cart:DVD Trust The Plans of The Lord:price:10:shipping:1:end]
A Brand New Thing (Isaiah 43:16-21) Dr. Denny D. Davis 11/6/2016 $7 [wp_cart:A Brand New Thing:price:7:shipping:1:end] $10[wp_cart:DVD A Brand New Thing:price:10:shipping:1:end]
Campaigning For Jesus (Acts 4:13-22) Dr. Denny D. Davis 10/30/2016 $7 [wp_cart:Campaigning For Jesus:price:7:shipping:1:end] $10[wp_cart:DVD Campaigning For Jesus:price:10:shipping:1:end]
All For One And One For All (Acts 2:41-47) Dr. Denny D. Davis 10/23/2016 $7 [wp_cart:All For One And One For All:price:7:shipping:1:end] $10[wp_cart:DVD All For One And One For All:price:10:shipping:1:end]
Spiritual Makeover (Romans 12:1-2) Dr. Denny D. Davis 10/16/2016 $7 [wp_cart:Spiritual Makeover:price:7:shipping:1:end] $10[wp_cart:DVD Spiritual Makeover:price:10:shipping:1:end]
Fakers Won’t Make It (Mark 8:1-9) Dr. Denny D. Davis 10/9/2016 $7 [wp_cart:Fakers Won’t Make It:price:7:shipping:1:end] $10[wp_cart:DVD Fakers Won’t Make It:price:10:shipping:1:end]
You Can Make It (Mark 8:1-9) Dr. Denny D. Davis 10/2/2016 $7 [wp_cart:You Can Make It:price:7:shipping:1:end] $10[wp_cart:DVD You Can Make It:price:10:shipping:1:end]
The A Student Who Flunked and Failed (Matthew 19:16-22) Dr. Denny D. Davis 9/25/2016 $7 [wp_cart:The Student Who Flunked and Failed:price:7:shipping:1:end] $10[wp_cart:DVD The Student Who Flunked and Failed:price:10:shipping:1:end]
What Do You Do When You Don’t Have Enough (1 Kings 17:8-16) Dr. Denny D. Davis 9/18/2016 $7 [wp_cart:What Do You Do When You Don’t Have Enough:price:7:shipping:1:end] $10[wp_cart:DVD What Do You Do When You Don’t Have Enough:price:10:shipping:1:end]
I’m A Work In Progress (Jeremiah 18:1-10) Rev. Debra Broughton 9/11/2016 $7 [wp_cart:I’m A Work In Progress:price:7:shipping:1:end] $10[wp_cart:DVD I’m A Work In Progress:price:10:shipping:1:end]
Don’t Lose Your Seed (Mark 4:2-20) Dr. Denny Davis 8/21/2016 $7 [wp_cart:Fragile: Don’t Lose Your Seed:price:7:shipping:1:end] $10[wp_cart:DVD Don’t Lose Your Seed:price:10:shipping:1:end]
When They Push Your Button (Acts 6:8-15) Dr. Craig Smith 8/14/2016 $7 [wp_cart:Fragile: When They Push Your Button:price:7:shipping:1:end] $10[wp_cart:DVD When They Push Your Button:price:10:shipping:1:end]
Same Day Deliverance (John 4:46-54) Dr. Denny Davis 8/7/2016 $7 [wp_cart:Same Day Deliverance:price:7:shipping:1:end] $10[wp_cart:DVD Same Day Deliverance:price:10:shipping:1:end]
My Worship Is For Real (Matthew 21:12-17) Dr. Denny Davis 7/31/2016 $7 [wp_cart:My Worship Is For Real:price:7:shipping:1:end] $10[wp_cart:DVD My Worship Is For Real:price:10:shipping:1:end]
The Shift Will Be Sudden (Acts 16:16-26) Pastor James Thomas 7/24/2016 $7 [wp_cart:The Shift Will Be Sudden:price:7:shipping:1:end] $10[wp_cart:DVD The Shift Will Be Sudden:price:10:shipping:1:end]
Unfolding Plans (Psalm 106:13) Dr. William Curtis 7/17/2016 $7 [wp_cart:Unfolding Plans:price:7:shipping:1:end] $10[wp_cart:DVD Unfolding Plans:price:10:shipping:1:end]
When God Overloads Your Plate (2 Corinthians 1:8-9) Rev. David L. Wade 7/10/2016 $7 [wp_cart:When God Overloads Your Plate:price:7:shipping:1:end] $10[wp_cart:DVD When God Overloads Your Plate:price:10:shipping:1:end]
Tell The Devil I Changed My Mind (Luke 15:11-21) Dr. Denny Davis 7/3/2016 $7 [wp_cart:Tell The Devil I Changed My Mind:price:7:shipping:1:end] $10[wp_cart:DVD Fragile: Tell The Devil I Changed My Mind:price:10:shipping:1:end]
With Christ I Always Win (Romans 8:37) Rev. Al Cleveland 6/26/2016 $7 [wp_cart:Fragile: With Christ I Always Win:price:7:shipping:1:end] $10[wp_cart:DVD Fragile: With Christ I Always Win:price:10:shipping:1:end]
The Helping Hands People (Acts 9:19-28) Dr. Denny Davis 6/19/2016 $7 [wp_cart:Fragile: The Helping Hands People:price:7:shipping:1:end] $10[wp_cart:DVD The Helping Hands People:price:10:shipping:1:end]
You’re In Good Hands (Acts 9:21-29) Dr. Denny Davis 6/12/2016 $7 [wp_cart:Fragile: You’re In Good Hands:price:7:shipping:1:end] $10[wp_cart:DVD You’re In Good Hands:price:10:shipping:1:end]
Fragile: Handle With Care (Acts 9:1-19) Dr. Denny Davis 6/5/2016 $7 [wp_cart:Fragile: Handle With Care:price:7:shipping:1:end] $10[wp_cart:DVD Fragile: Handle With Care:price:10:shipping:1:end]
Pastor’s 25th Anniversary I’m Not Drunk (Acts 2:14-21; 32-38) Rev. Matthew Watley 5/29/2016 $7 [wp_cart:Pastor’s 25th Anniversary I’m Not Drunk:price:7:shipping:1:end] $10[wp_cart:DVD Pastor’s 25th Anniversary I’m Not Drunk:price:10:shipping:1:end]
Pastor’s 25th Anniversary Reset (2 Chronicles 7:12) Rev. Isaiah Williams 5/22/2016 $7 [wp_cart:Pastor’s 25th Anniversary Reset:price:7:shipping:1:end] $10[wp_cart:DVD Pastor’s 25th Anniversary Reset:price:10:shipping:1:end]
Pastor’s 25th Anniversary Say So (Psalm 145:3-7) Pastor Robert Castle 5/15/2016 $7 [wp_cart:Say So:price:7:shipping:1:end] $10[wp_cart:DVD Say So:price:10:shipping:1:end]
You Can Speed It Up (2 Kings 4:8-37; Psalm 71:1-14) Rev. Rita Twiggs 5/8/2016 $7 [wp_cart:You Can Speed It Up:price:7:shipping:1:end] $10[wp_cart:DVD You Can Speed It Up:price:10:shipping:1:end]
Why The Church Needs A Pastor (Exodus 17:8-16) Rev. Delvin Atchinson 5/1/2016 $7 [wp_cart:Why The Church Needs A Pastor:price:7:shipping:1:end] $10[wp_cart:DVD Why The Church Needs A Pastor:price:10:shipping:1:end]
How to Handle a Bad Hand (Mark 3:1-6) Dr. Denny Davis 4/24/2016 $7 [wp_cart:How to Handle a Bad Hand:price:7:shipping:1:end] $10[wp_cart:DVD How to Handle a Bad Hand:price:10:shipping:1:end]
Amazing Grace (2 Corinthians 12:1-10) Dr. Denny Davis 4/17/2016 $7 [wp_cart:Amazing Grace:price:7:shipping:1:end] $10[wp_cart:DVD Amazing Grace:price:10:shipping:1:end]
It Was Good (Psalm 119:67, 71) Min. Cindi Diggs 4/10/2016 $7 [wp_cart:It Was Good:price:7:shipping:1:end] $10[wp_cart:DVD It Was Good:price:10:shipping:1:end]
Don’t Give Up (John 21:1-14) Dr. Denny Davis 4/3/2016 $7 [wp_cart:Don’t Give Up:price:7:shipping:1:end] $10[wp_cart:DVD Don’t Give Up:price:10:shipping:1:end]
Any Given Sunday (John 20:1-19) Dr. Denny Davis 3/27/2016 $7 [wp_cart:Any Given Sunday:price:7:shipping:1:end] $10[wp_cart:DVD Any Given Sunday:price:10:shipping:1:end]
You Can Handle It (Matthew 26:37-44) Dr. Denny Davis 3/20/2016 $7 [wp_cart:You Can Handle It:price:7:shipping:1:end] $10[wp_cart:DVD You Can Handle It:price:10:shipping:1:end]
Hot Topics (John 13:1-30; 36-38) Dr. Denny Davis 3/13/2016 $7 [wp_cart:Hot Topics:price:7:shipping:1:end] $10[wp_cart:DVD Hot Topics:price:10:shipping:1:end]
How To Turn Things Around (Malachi 3:6-12) Dr. Denny Davis 3/6/2016 $7 [wp_cart:How To Turn Things Around:price:7:shipping:1:end] $10[wp_cart:DVD How To Turn Things Around:price:10:shipping:1:end]
Father I Stretch My Hand To Thee (Joshua 2:1-10) Min. Ken Davis 2/28/2016 $7 [wp_cart:Father I Stretch My Hand To Thee:price:7:shipping:1:end] $10[wp_cart:DVD Father I Stretch My Hand To Thee:price:10:shipping:1:end]
Don’t Miss The Main Attraction (John 3:25-36) Dr. Denny Davis 2/21/2016 $7 [wp_cart:Don’t Miss The Main Attraction:price:7:shipping:1:end] $10[wp_cart:DVD Don’t Miss The Main Attraction:price:10:shipping:1:end]
Be Set Free (John 11:43-44) Dr. Denny Davis 2/14/2016 $7 [wp_cart:Be Set Free:price:7:shipping:1:end] $10[wp_cart:DVD Be Set Free:price:10:shipping:1:end]
Can’t Touch This (Joshua 6:18-19; 7:3-5) Dr. Denny Davis 2/7/2016 $7 [wp_cart:Can’t Touch This:price:7:shipping:1:end] $10[wp_cart:DVD Can’t Touch This:price:10:shipping:1:end]
Shout It Down (Joshua 6:1-5) Dr. Denny Davis 1/31/2016 $7 [wp_cart:Shout It Down?:price:7:shipping:1:end] $10[wp_cart:DVD Shout It Down:price:10:shipping:1:end]
Intentional Generosity (Luke 6:38) Rev. Daryl Atkinson 1/24/2016 $7 [wp_cart:Intentional Generosity:price:7:shipping:1:end] $10[wp_cart:DVD Intentional Generosity:price:10:shipping:1:end]
What Do These Stones Mean?(Joshua 4:1-7) Dr. Denny Davis 1/17/2016 $7 [wp_cart:What Do These Stones Mean?:price:7:shipping:1:end] $10[wp_cart:DVD What Do These Stones Mean?:price:10:shipping:1:end]
Shout It Out (Joshua 6:1-5) Dr. Denny Davis 1/10/2016 $7 [wp_cart:Shout It Out:price:7:shipping:1:end] $10[wp_cart:DVD Shout It Out:price:10:shipping:1:end]
Claim Your Promise (Joshua 3:1-5) Dr. Denny Davis 1/3/2016 $7 [wp_cart:Claim Your Promise:price:7:shipping:1:end] $10[wp_cart:DVD Claim Your Promise:price:10:shipping:1:end]
The Flaws Of The Faithful (Acts 20:17-12) Dr. Denny Davis 8/16/2015 $7 [wp_cart:The Flaws Of The Faithful:price:7:shipping:1:end] $10[wp_cart:DVD The Flaws Of The Faithful:price:10:shipping:1:end]
The Last House Standing (Joshua 2:15-21, 6:22-25) Pastor Craig Smith 8/9/2015 $7 [wp_cart:The Last House Standing:price:7:shipping:1:end] $10[wp_cart:DVD The Last House Standing:price:10:shipping:1:end]
The Perfect Storm (Mark 4:35-41) Dr. Denny Davis 8/2/2015 $7 [wp_cart:The Perfect Storm:price:7:shipping:1:end] $10[wp_cart:DVD The Perfect Storm:price:10:shipping:1:end]
How Do You Handle God’s No? (Genesis 4:2-7) Rev. Fawna Jenkins 7/26/2015 $7 [wp_cart:How Do You Handle God’s No?:price:7:shipping:1:end] $10[wp_cart:DVD How Do You Handle God’s No?:price:10:shipping:1:end]
The Price of Change (Mark 1:21-27) Rev. Dr. William H. Curtis 7/19/2015 $7 [wp_cart:The Price of Change:price:7:shipping:1:end] $10[wp_cart:DVD The Price of Change:price:10:shipping:1:end]
First Miracle, First Impression (John 2:1-11) Rev. Daryl Atkinson 7/12/2015 $7 [wp_cart:First Miracle, First Impression:price:7:shipping:1:end] $10[wp_cart:DVD First Miracle, First Impression:price:10:shipping:1:end]
Breaking Free (Acts 12:1-16) Dr. Denny Davis 7/5/2015 $7 [wp_cart:Breaking Free:price:7:shipping:1:end] $10[wp_cart:DVD Breaking Free:price:10:shipping:1:end]
God Has Got Your Back (Psalm 23:6) Dr. Denny Davis 6/28/2015 $7 [wp_cart:God Has Got Your Back:price:7:shipping:1:end] $10[wp_cart:DVD God Has Got Your Back:price:10:shipping:1:end]
What Is The Evil of Evil? (Ephesians 6:10-13) Dr. Joel Gregory 6/21/2015 $7 [wp_cart:What Is The Evil of Evil?:price:7:shipping:1:end] $10[wp_cart:DVD What Is The Evil of Evil?:price:10:shipping:1:end]
God Has A Blessing With Your Name On It (Psalm 23:5) Dr. Denny Davis 6/14/2015 $7 [wp_cart:God Has A Blessing With Your Name On It:price:7:shipping:1:end] $10[wp_cart:DVD God Has A Blessing With Your Name On It:price:10:shipping:1:end]
Safe In His Arms (Psalm 23:4) Dr. Denny Davis 6/7/2015 $7 [wp_cart:Safe In His Arms:price:7:shipping:1:end] $10[wp_cart:DVD Safe In His Arms:price:10:shipping:1:end]
When Storms Arise (Mark 4:35-41) Rev. Daryl Atkinson 5/31/2015 $7 [wp_cart:When Storms Arise:price:7:shipping:1:end] $10[wp_cart:DVD When Storms Arise:price:10:shipping:1:end]
Trust The Process (Acts 1:15-26) Dr. Matthew Watley 5/24/2015 $7 [wp_cart:Trust The Process:price:7:shipping:1:end] $10[wp_cart:DVD Trust The Process:price:10:shipping:1:end]
Triple Coverage (Ephesians 1:1-13) Rev. Robert Castle 5/17/2015 $7 [wp_cart:Triple Coverage:price:7:shipping:1:end] $10[wp_cart:DVD Triple Coverage:price:10:shipping:1:end]
To His Name Be The Glory (Psalm 23:3) Dr. Denny Davis 5/10/2015 $7 [wp_cart:To His Name Be The Glory:price:7:shipping:1:end] $10[wp_cart:DVD To His Name Be Glory:price:10:shipping:1:end]
You’re Doing Too Much (Psalm 23:2) Dr. Denny Davis 5/3/2015 $7 [wp_cart:You’re Doing Too Much:price:7:shipping:1:end] $10[wp_cart:DVD You’re Doing Too Much:price:10:shipping:1:end]
God Will Take Care of You (Psalm 23:1) Dr. Denny Davis 4/26/2015 $7 [wp_cart:God Will Take Care of You:price:7:shipping:1:end] $10[wp_cart:DVD God Will Take Care of You:price:10:shipping:1:end]
What Do You Do When You Are Troubled By Trouble (Psalm 55:1-7) Dr. Denny Davis 4/19/2015 $7 [wp_cart:Soul What Do You Do When You Are Troubled By Trouble?:price:7:shipping:1:end] $10[wp_cart:DVD What Do You Do When You Are Troubled By Trouble:price:10:shipping:1:end]
Growing In Love (John 21:15-19) Rev. Daryl Atkinson 4/12/2015 $7 [wp_cart:Growing In Love:price:7:shipping:1:end] $10[wp_cart:DVD Growing In Love:price:10:shipping:1:end]
Jesus Nailed It For Me (Isaiah 53:3-5, John 20:24-29) Dr. Denny Davis 4/5/2015 $7 [wp_cart:Jesus Nailed It For Me:price:7:shipping:1:end] $10[wp_cart:DVD Jesus Nailed It For Me:price:10:shipping:1:end]
Guilty of Love In The First Degree (John 12:12-13;19) Dr. Denny Davis 3/29/2015 $7 [wp_cart:Guilty of Love In The First Degree:price:7:shipping:1:end] $10[wp_cart:DVD Guilty of Love In The First Degree:price:10:shipping:1:end]
Soul Food (Part 3) (Daniel 1:12-21) Dr. Denny Davis 3/22/2015 $7 [wp_cart:Soul Food (Part 3):price:7:shipping:1:end] $10[wp_cart:DVD Soul Food (Part 3):price:10:shipping:1:end]
Soul Food (Part 2) (Daniel 1:8-16) Dr. Denny Davis 3/15/2015 $7 [wp_cart:Soul Food (Part 2):price:7:shipping:1:end] $10[wp_cart:DVD Soul Food (Part 2):price:10:shipping:1:end]
Soul Food (Part 1) (Daniel 1:8-16) Dr. Denny Davis 3/8/2015 $7 [wp_cart:Soul Food:price:7:shipping:1:end] $10[wp_cart:DVD Soul Food:price:10:shipping:1:end]
My Future Looks Better Than My Past (Judges 11:1-3) Dr. Denny Davis 3/1/2015 $7 [wp_cart:My Future Looks Better Than My Past:price:7:shipping:1:end] $10[wp_cart:DVD My Future Looks Better Than My Past:price:10:shipping:1:end]
Built to Last (Matthew 16:13-19) Dr. Denny Davis 2/22/2015 $7 [wp_cart:Built to Last:price:7:shipping:1:end] $10[wp_cart:DVD Built to Last:price:10:shipping:1:end]
I Almost Passed Out (Psalm 27:13-14) Dr. Denny Davis 2/15/2015 $7 [wp_cart:I Almost Passed Out:price:7:shipping:1:end] $10[wp_cart:DVD I Almost Passed Out:price:10:shipping:1:end]
How To Overcome Your Shortcomings (Luke 19:1-10) Dr. Denny Davis 2/8/2015 $7 [wp_cart:How To Overcome Your Shortcomings:price:7:shipping:1:end] $10[wp_cart:DVD How to Overcome Your Shortcomings:price:10:shipping:1:end]
You Have What You Need (2 Kings 4:1-7) Dr. Denny Davis 2/1/2015 $7 [wp_cart:You Have What You Need:price:7:shipping:1:end] $10[wp_cart:DVD You Have What You Need:price:10:shipping:1:end]
WALL-GATE (Joshua 6:15-21, 7:1) Dr. Denny Davis 1/25/2015 $7 [wp_cart:WALL-GATE:price:7:shipping:1:end] $10[wp_cart:DVD WALL-GATE:price:10:shipping:1:end]
For The Love of Money (Numbers 22:1-20) Dr. Denny Davis 1/18/2015 $7 [wp_cart:For The Love of Money:price:7:shipping:1:end] $10[wp_cart:DVD For The Love of Money:price:10:shipping:1:end]
Looking Out For Number One (Genesis 13:5-18) Dr. Denny Davis 1/11/2015 $7 [wp_cart:Looking Out For Number One:price:7:shipping:1:end] $10[wp_cart:DVD Looking Out For Number One:price:10:shipping:1:end]
Greatness is Before You (Nehemiah 6:1-4) Dr. Denny Davis 1/4/2015 $7 [wp_cart:Greatness is Before You:price:7:shipping:1:end] $10[wp_cart:DVD Greatness is Before You:price:10:shipping:1:end]
Painful But Necessary (2 Corinthians 12:7-10) Min. Michael Piece 12/28/2014 $7 [wp_cart:Painful But Necessary:price:7:shipping:1:end] $10[wp_cart:DVD Painful But Necessary:price:10:shipping:1:end]
Breaking News: Good News From Glory (Luke 2:8-14) Dr. Denny Davis 12/21/2014 $7 [wp_cart:Breaking News: Good News From Glory:price:7:shipping:1:end] $10[wp_cart:DVD Breaking News: Good News Fro Glory:price:10:shipping:1:end]
Tis The Season To Be Jolly (Luke 1:5-25) Dr. Denny Davis 12/14/2014 $7 [wp_cart:Tis The Season To Be Jolly:price:7:shipping:1:end] $10[wp_cart:DVD Tis The Season To Be Jolly:price:10:shipping:1:end]
What Happens When You’ve Had Enough? (I Kings 19:1-4) Dr. Denny Davis 12/7/2014 $7 [wp_cart:What Happens When You’ve Had Enough:price:7:shipping:1:end] $10[wp_cart:DVD What Happens When You’ve Had Enough:price:10:shipping:1:end]
How To Get Away With Murder (Genesis 4:8-10) Dr. Denny Davis 11/30/2014 $7 [wp_cart:How To Get Away With Murder:price:7:shipping:1:end] $10[wp_cart:DVD How To Get Away With Murder:price:10:shipping:1:end]
Everyday Is A Day of Thanksgiving (I. Thessalonians 5:18) Dr. Denny Davis 11/23/2014 $7 [wp_cart:Everyday Is A Day of Thanksgiving:price:7:shipping:1:end] $10[wp_cart:DVD How To Get Away With Murder:price:10:shipping:1:end]