The Journey begins when a person joins St. John Church-Unleashed. After one has joined SJC the first step is to complete New Members Orientation and the Care Group Classes. The second phase of The Journey has four opportunities for spiritual growth and personal development. The goal of the Christian Education Department is to provide learning opportunities that cover all aspects of Christian living for all ages.


The New Members Orientation program is designed to provide basic Christian beliefs and to introduce you to the ministries at St. John Church. The program will guide you in connecting with the fellowship, worship and ministry work. New Member orientation is held twice a month (1st Saturday’s from 9a-12p GP Campus and 4th Sunday’s from 12-3p SL Campus). Upon completion of New Member orientation you will be equipped and ready to move into Care Groups.

Care Groups are designed to connect new members with others in the St. John community, while reaffirming their decisions of faith and to unite with the St. John family through the study of core Christian principles in a small group setting in preparation for active involvement in ministry. Upon completion of the Care Groups program you will be equipped and ready to move into Discipleship Groups.

CHURCH SCHOOL – As believers we are to study the Word of God on a consistent basis. Church School is a group study with an approved curriculum providing a firm foundation for spiritual growth.

 DISCIPLESHIP – Our small group setting allows you to connect with other believers in an interactive learning environment. Your spiritual growth will be supported through the study of God’s Word, open discussions and serving others.

PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT- This area of growth focuses on one’s daily living experiences. SJC is concerned about your physical fitness, financial matters, your future mate and other areas of your life.

ST. JOHN BIBLE INSTITUTE – SJC is seeking to equip you with sound biblical teaching. We feel it is our duty to connect you with the Word of God, cultivate your growth and the application of God’s Word.