Diaper Donation Drive


A huge THANK YOU to everyone who has supported our Diaper Drive.  Because the need is great we still collecting and blessing the babies.

You can donate to this cause via our Givelify App or giving options at www.sjbcfamily.com

Mommies & Daddies, please email Rev. Elena at ecarraway@sjbcfamily.com if we can bless your baby with a box of diapers! 

Marriage Ministry Growth Groups


2:1 Marriage Ministry Growth Group

The 2:1 Marriage Ministry is seeking to host small group bible studies that will allow for more intimate discussions and promote couple bonding. We will be studying from the book  Kingdom Marriages by Tony Evans.  Several meeting options are available. Choose a class that best fit you and your spouse schedule. All sessions will be via zoom. We are looking forward to growing with you.

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Womens Bible Study


The summer is the perfect time to study 10 infamous sisters, 10 Bad Girls of the Bible. Learn how these women handled the challenges of life. Eve had food issues. Delilah had man trouble. This will be a fun and interactive study. We will be using the RightNow Media.

Book: Bad Girls of the Bible

Zoom times are:
Every Sunday at 8:15am, Starting May 16
Every Thursday at 7:00pm, starting May 20

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CHOSEN Youth are 7th – 12th Grade Students

theWELL is…

Students dig into scripture to discover what God has to say.

GROW is…

Students connect around biblical topics, games, and a wide array of activities


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Single & Parenting Undated

“Other people don’t truly understand how tough it is to be a single parent—day after day after day.  Sometimes you want to give up. And that’s a normal reaction—you’re doing the job of two people. You should be tired.  The thing is, you deeply desire to do what’s best for your kids, but you worry that you can’t.  Sometimes it’s all you can do to survive from one day to the next.  So what can you do?”
Single & Parenting groups address these concerns. You’ll discover how to deal with your deep-down worries and your day-to-day struggles.  Within a weekly Single & Parenting group, you’ll meet with other single parents to learn and discuss some amazing parenting strategies and hope-filled insights.”

Start Date: Wednesday, AUGUST 26th @ 7PM

Location: Online—ZOOM (Registration required)

Registration Link: https://www.singleandparenting.org/groups/133869

DivorceCare Undated

Don’t try to go through separation or divorce alone. Connect with one of the St. John Church DivorceCare groups online. You’ll find caring people who understand the issues you face and practical counsel for decision-making and managing stress.
When everything feels chaotic, DivorceCare’s structured approach provides stability. It helps you organize your thinking and manage your emotions. Each group is built around three main parts that work together to provide the most effective healing experience: video, group discussion, and a participant book for practical application. Plus you’ll hear from people who’ve experienced a marriage breakup and who share what’s helped them. Their insights will help you make wise decisions as you move forward.

Days, Times & Registration links: 

Location: Online—ZOOM (Registration required)


Grief Share Undated

It may be hard for you to feel optimistic about the future right now. If you’ve lost a spouse, child, family member, or friend, you’ve probably found there are not many people who understand the deep hurt you feel.
This can be a confusing time when you feel isolated and have many questions about things you’ve never faced before.
“Going to GriefShare feels like having warm arms wrapped around you when you’re shivering.”
GriefShare groups meet weekly to help you face these challenges and move toward rebuilding your life.

Days, Times & Registration links:

Location: Online—ZOOM (Registration required)

GriefShare: Loss of Spouse

Event: GriefShare-Loss of Spouse Event (hosted by the St. John Church)

Event Date: Sunday, May 23rd 2-4PM

Event Location: ZOOM

Event Registration link: https://www.griefshare.org/loss/events/3629

Event Promo Video: https://vimeo.com/277009974

Additional information: contact Reverend Daryl Atkinson datkinson@sjbcfamily.com