Join us in the St. John Church Unleashed Season of Sacrifice & Spiritual Renewal which will include 21 Days of Prayer and Fasting, Spiritual Growth Sessions and a Prayer Gathering –  as we seek spiritual renewal, insight and guidance in areas of spiritual discipline, personal development, family, church, community and more. Our theme for the year is Dare to Dream…Big Visions for God! (1 Chronicles 4:9-10). Jabez prayed a personal prayer that had global impact. Dare to pray big prayers! 

  • Spiritual Growth Sessions – March 19 – April 10, Tue. SL & Wed. GP, 7p
  • Days of Prayer & Fasting – Wed. March 27 – Fri. April 19 (Good Friday)
  • Prayer Gathering – Tue. March 26 at 7p SL & Wed. March 27 at 7p GP

Session 1: Purpose and Preparation of Prayer and Fasting
  Tue. March 19, 7p SL and Wed. March 20, 7p GP  
Session 2: PRAYER GATHERING The Power of Prayer
Tue. March 26, 7p SL and Wed. March 27, 7p GP
Session 3: Resisting Temptation – Forgiveness – Being Financially Disciplined
Tue. April 2, 7p SL and Wed. April 3, 7p GP
Session 4: Listening to the Voice of God – Studying the Word
Sharing the Gospel
Tue. April 9, 7p SL and Wed. April 10, 7p GP

Download 21 Days of Prayer and Fasting

1. Personal Quiet Time – Plan to set aside time to spend with God everyday and be consistent! Pray more regularly, meditate, recite devotionals, and read Scripture.

2. Church-wide Prayer Call – The 6:00 am daily Prayer Call begins Wednesday, March 27.

CALL-IN NUMBER: 530-881-1212 / MEETING ID: 291-359-153#

3. Personal Sacrifice – choose your own such that in your suffering you are constantly reminded of the power and presence of God in your life.

4. Church-wide Sacrifice:

  • Monday – Meatless Monday – No eating meat, except for the meat of the Word.
  • Tuesday – Turn-off Tuesday – Unplug for at least 3 hours while awake and tap into the power of God. No TV, cell phones, computer, electronics, etc
  • Wednesday – Withhold Wednesday – No non-essential spending of money. Instead spend time in prayer and in God’s Word.
  • Thursday – Thirsty Thursday – No food. Water only (if medically able) from 6a-12noon. During this time develop a hunger and thirst for God’s Word.
  • Friday – Family Friday – Unplug and spend time with family and friends. Pray, play board games, walk in the park, etc.
  • Saturday – Saving Saturday – No non-essential spending of money. Instead spend time serving others and sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ.
  • Sunday – Sabbath Sunday – Day of worship. Join us for worship at one of services 7a, 9a, 11a at GP and 10a at SL


During Lent, Christians are encouraged to pray more regularly, meditate, recite devotionals, and read Scripture.

You are encouraged to join us DAILY (Sunday through Saturday) for our 6:00AM morning prayer call.  To access the call dial 530-881-1212, then enter 291359153# when prompted.


Lent is the span of time in the church calendar that starts with Ash Wednesday and ends with Easter Sunday.  Ash Wednesday commemorates the beginning of Jesus’ 40-day fasting and his temptation in the desert, while Easter Sunday commemorates Jesus’ resurrection from the grave after his crucifixion.  Lent is generally observed as a time for Christians to reflect, repent, and pray as a way of preparing their hearts for Resurrection.

Lent as we know it today did not exist in the early years of the church, and it only came to be due to growing acceptance of Christianity toward the end of the Roman Empire.   It is commonly observed by many Christian denominations—Catholic, Anglican, Lutheran, and others—although not every Christian church or denomination does so.  Because Lent is not officially instituted in Scripture, observing it is not in any way a “requirement” of Christianity.  However, Christians from many different theological persuasions choose to observe it as a way of focusing their thoughts on Jesus Christ leading up to Resurrection Sunday.


Fasting is a spiritual discipline where the practitioner desires to hear from God.  The practice of fasting is mentioned numerous times in the Bible as a reaction to various circumstances.  We see from the biblical examples that fasting should be used as a means to humble ourselves before God and seek His forgiveness, comfort, help, guidance, strength and His will. Fasting allows us to draw closer to God.

The Bible also gives instructions about the attitude and approach we should have in fasting. Jesus warned about hypocritical fasting, trying to show off or make others feel sorry for us (Matthew 6:16-17). Instead we should not “appear to men to be fasting, but to your Father who is in the secret place” (verse 18). Isaiah also contrasts selfish fasting with godly fasting marked by care and concern for others (Isaiah 58:3-10).  Fasting was an act of repentance, as when the king of Nineveh ordered a fast after the preaching of Jonah (Jonah 3:5-9).  Fasting was also a reaction to intense grief, as when the bones of Saul and his sons were buried (1 Samuel 31:13). We also find people fasting when God’s deliverance was needed, as when Jehoshaphat was approached by a large invading army (2 Chronicles 20:3).

“Fasting” as it’s practiced by Christians during Lent implies abstention from certain foods, actions, or activities (technology, sporting events, etc).  The Lenten fast entails a general spirit of repentance and piety that might distinguish it from other periods of the year.

The choice to observe Lent is a personal one—the whole point is to focus your heart and mind on the sacrifice made by Jesus, and if you do be prepared for a level of intimacy with God you have never known!

The BIG EVENT Day of Volunteering

TheBIGEVENTgrandprairieCommunityDayWEBSt. John Church we are joining 100’s for the Grand Prairie Big Event on Saturday, March 23, 2019 from 8 a.m. – 1 p.m. The Big Event is a one day city wide volunteerism event.  The BIG EVENT is celebrating unity in the community.  We will volunteer across the city completing service projects to benefit residents in need and to beautify the community.  Students under the age of 10 years old must be accompanied by a parent/guardian.   HERE: SIGN UP TODAY!!

CYM Purpose & Purity Series

Purpose&PuritySeriesWEBbannerUpdateThis series is designed with teens in mind.  Some sessions will be facilitated as large groups but most will be grouped by gender and/or grade level to allow discussion, questions, and prayer points to flow more appropriately.   Didn’t submit the signed authorization form?  No problem!! Visit the WELL Youth group on Sunday morning or e-mail so that we can connect and better serve you!

WOV Book Reading Club


Join Women of Victory at their 2019 Book Reading Club Friday, March 29th at 7:30 PM GP Campus for fun and fellowship all while discussing BECOMING by Michelle Obama. No fee to join but registration is required. Light snacks provided. Books available in SJC Bookstore. Read pages 3-107 “Becoming Me”.  Click here to register

WOV Book Club Flyer


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