BigGiveSeasonBanner2019BTHE BIG GIVE SEASON IS HERE… so let’s make this season of giving and serving unforgettable!

WHO: Individuals, families, friends, teams, co-workers, and neighbors!  Teens needing community service this is your opportunity!!  Parents desiring to partner with your student this is a great moment!!!  Employers/employees what an awesome collaboration project!!!

WHEN: Now, tomorrow, next week – November and December!

WHERE: Here and there!

There are 5 ways you can be part of the giving and serving:
  1. Stop by your lobby campus and grab the suggested list, shop, and return it to the church.  All “Bag of Blessing” donations benefit families served by our Hope Center.
  2. Sign up online for our Food Sorting Days in preparation for our annual BIG GIVE food assembly and distribution day.  Sign up HERE or follow this link

Then SAVE these dates:

  1. ANGEL Sunday 11.17.19 & 11.24.19 – adopt (sponsor) an angel child for Christmas.  ANGEL HANDS volunteers will be available following each service to match you and a child.
  2. BIG GIVE Saturday 12.21.19  – be part of the 100’s who will assemble and distribute more than 1200 food baskets at the Southlake Campus.  The fun begins at 6:00AM (you don’t want to arrive later than 7:00AM or you will miss the best part).  Sign up HERE or follow this link:
  3. BIG GIVE Sunday 12.22.19 – contact to join the volunteer team distributing toys and gifts to our angels.


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